2018, 110 min, Brazil, Dir: Dennison Ramalho

Stênio (Daniel de Oliveira) works the night shift at the local morgue in an incredibly violent Brazilian city; his marriage is failing and his son constantly disrespects him. What keeps him going is his extraordinary ability to converse with the mutilated cadavers he sews up, primarily gang members and criminals. Stênio talks with the city’s slain, learning their endless, potentially lucrative secrets - and unwittingly invites violence and mayhem to his doorstep when he acts on information from a particularly nasty corpse. A terrific genre film; tense, terrifying and relentlessly creepy, this gem offers up exceptional gory set pieces to sate hardcore horror fans up through its thrilling climax.

2018, 100 min, UK, Dir: Winston Azzopardi

A fisherman sets out on his daily run only to find himself lost when a thick fog envelops his boat. But his troubles really begin when he crashes into an abandoned sailboat; trapped onboard, he must face an unknown enemy whose raison d'être seems to be his very destruction. In the leading role, Joe Azzopardi excels as the fisherman, a man whose quick thinking and seafaring experience ensure that this fight is more than even. Building on a tradition of eerie, ghostly British tales, THE BOAT is a menacing thrill ride that sets a violent survival drama against the supernatural. With brilliant cinematography and the use of practical effects over CGI, Winston Azzopardi captures the sea as a duality that can shift from serene to monstrous in a heartbeat.

2018, 93 min, USA, Dir: Justin MacGregor

Picking up where the first installment left off, BEST F(R)IENDS: VOLUME 2 brings the saga to a satisfying close. Jon (Sestero) is on the run across the American Southwest, where he meets an array of wild and amazing characters and finds himself in ever-stranger situations. Of course there’s still one more encounter and one last reckoning to bring this weird journey full circle. This is the best of Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau: charming, unexpected, dramatic, dark and, above all, addictively entertaining. With this much-anticipated conclusion, the duo reaffirm their immense popularity once more, connecting with the audience in ways that most films will never manage.

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