1967, MGM Repertory, 105 min, Dir: Bryan Forbes

Elderly Margaret Ross (Edith Evans) hears unearthly whispers in the solitude of her home. When her thieving son and woebegone husband turn up suddenly, Margaret’s unsettling fantasy life turns into a nightmare. With a haunting score by composer John Barry.

1964, Janus Films, 115 min, Dir: Bryan Forbes

Mira (Kim Stanley), an opportunistic psychic, and her pushover husband, Bill (Richard Attenborough), concoct a scheme to kidnap a rich couple’s child, and then gain celebrity by pretending to have clairvoyant hunches about the child’s whereabouts. When the police begin to question Mira and Bill - and when Bill becomes paranoid that Mira doesn’t want the child to be found alive - an eerie, spine-tingling thriller unfolds.

1977, Paramount, 122 min, Dir: William Friedkin

Friedkin’s most visually awesome film follows small-time crook Roy Scheider from Brooklyn to the sweltering South American jungles, where he lands a job hauling nitroglycerine with hard-luck losers Bruno Cremer and Francisco Rabal. Rather than simply remake Henri-Georges Clouzot’s famed WAGES OF FEAR, Friedkin re-imagined the story as a cosmic vision of man vs. nature, climaxing in the mind-bending image of Scheider and crew literally pushing a loaded truck across a spindly rope bridge.

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